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Division of Elections

Committees & Parties

The Division of Elections maintains records on hundreds of committees. Information available for each committee includes committee address, chairman, treasurer, deputy treasurer, registered agent and campaign finance activity.

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Committees are classified as:

  • Political Committee (PAC)
  • Committee of Continuous Existence (CCE)
  • Party Executive Committee (PTY)
  • Affiliated Party Committee (PAP)
  • Electioneering Communication Organizations (ECO)
  • Electioneering Communication Individual (ECI)
  • Independent Expenditure Organization (IXO)

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Search Committee Affiliates

Additionally, Committees may be "affiliated" with other organizations not classified as a CCE, PTY, or PC. The affiliated organizations may be searched together with their affiliated committee.

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Search Committees by Purpose

Committees have also been categorized by purpose thus allowing a search of committees by primary area of interest or activity.

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