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Division of Elections

Division of Elections Rules

Index of Repealed Rules

The Division of Elections rules are available in PDF format for viewing or printing. Accessing documents in PDF format requires use of Foxit Reader or Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which may be installed free of charge by clicking on the link. Note: Foxit Reader works best when viewing campaign documents.

  • 1S-2.001 - Checking Electors' Signatures; Constitutional Amendment (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.003 - Clarifying Form of Write-in Slot and Write-in Candidates on Ballots. (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.005 - Restriction on Use of State Owned Aircraft. (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.006 - Electronic or Electromechanical Voting System Equipment Regulations; Certification of Systems. (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.007 - Requirements of Counties Before Approval of Electronic or Electromechanical Voting Systems. (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.0081 - Petition Criteria. (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.0095 - Revocation of Initiative Petitions. (Repealed 05/25/10)
  • 1S-2.011 - Certification of Supervisors of Elections. (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.012 - Testing of Voting Systems. (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.014 - Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars. (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.018 - Expenditure Limits for a Candidate for Governor or Cabinet Officer Who Requests Contributions from the Election Campaing Financing Trust Fund. (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.019 - Penalties and Fines Under the Election Campaign Financing Trust Fund for Exceeding the Applicable Expenditure Limit or Falsely Reporting Qualifying Matching Contributions. (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.020 - Revocation of Certification for Committees of Continuous Existence (Repealed effective 10/01/13)
  • 1S-2.024 - Leadership Funds (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.026 - Alternative Procedure for Voting by Absentee Ballot.(Repealed)
  • 1S-2.029 - Eligibility for Late Registration (Repealed)
  • 1S-2.049 - Absentee Ballots - Absent Stateside Uniformed Services Voters (Repealed 3/20/2014)