Homestead Valuation Limitation

Section 6

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Providing for limiting increases in homestead property valuations for ad valorem tax purposes to a maximum of 3% annually and also providing for reassessment of market values upon changes in ownership.

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Signatures: **Verified Totals are UNOFFICIAL until the Initiative receives certification and a ballot number.
 Required for review by Attorney General: 36,389 
 Required to have initiative on the ballot: 363,886 
 ** Number currently valid:

Status: Passed
Approval Date: 05/22/1989 
Undue Burden:  
Made Review:  
Attorney General:  
Sent to Supreme Court:  
Supreme Court Ruling:  
SC Ruling Date:  
Made Ballot:  
Ballot Number: 10  
Election Date:  
 Votes For: 2,493,742   
 Votes Against: 2,154,747   

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