Voluntary Universal Pre-Kindergarten Education

Article IX, Section 1

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Every four-year-old child in Florida shall be offered a high quality pre-kindergarten learning opportunity by the state no later than the 2005 school year. This voluntary early childhood development and education program shall be established according to high quality standards and shall be free for all Florida four-year-olds without taking away funds used for existing education, health and development programs.

Pre-K Committee (Parents for Readiness Edu. for our Kids)
1985 NW 88th Court, Suite 101
Miami, FL 33172-0000
(305) 593-2644
  Contact: Alex Penelas, Chairperson

Signatures: **Verified Totals are UNOFFICIAL until the Initiative receives certification and a ballot number.
 Required for review by Attorney General: 48,869 
 Required to have initiative on the ballot: 488,722 
 ** Number currently valid: 514,667 
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Status: Passed
Approval Date: 01/25/2002 
Undue Burden:  
Made Review: 04/17/2002 
Attorney General: 04/17/2002 
Sent to Supreme Court: 05/02/2002 
Supreme Court Ruling: Constitutional :  Accordingly, we hold that the initiative petition and proposed ballot title and summary meet the legal requirements of article XI, section 3 of the Florida Constitution, and section 101.161(1), Florida Statutes (2001).  
SC Ruling Date: 07/11/2002 
Made Ballot: 07/30/2002 
Ballot Number: 8  
Election Date: 11/05/2002 
 Votes For: 2,868,500   
 Votes Against: 1,974,408   

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