Homestead Exemption

Article VII, Section 6

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Proposing amendments to the State Constitution to provide a homestead exemption of $25,000 from certain ad valorem school millage levies, providing authorization for ad valorem tax relief for permanent resident renters, and providing that the $25,000 exemption from certain ad valorem school millage levies shall take effect upon approval by the voters and apply to the taxes levied on the assessment rolls for the year 1980 and each year thereafter.

Initiative Committee Before 1988
  Contact: , Chairperson

Signatures: **Verified Totals are UNOFFICIAL until the Initiative receives certification and a ballot number.
 Required for review by Attorney General: 25,566 
 Required to have initiative on the ballot: 255,653 
 ** Number currently valid:

Status: Passed
Approval Date:  
Undue Burden:  
Made Review:  
Attorney General:  
Sent to Supreme Court:  
Supreme Court Ruling: :  SJR 1-B - Legislative  
SC Ruling Date:  
Made Ballot: 03/11/1980 
Ballot Number: 1  
Election Date: 03/11/1980 
 Votes For: 1,088,729   
 Votes Against: 475,834   

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