Citizens Choice on Government Revenue

Article VII

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Limits the state and each taxing unit to 1980-81 revenue dollars plus ad valorem taxes on subsequent new construction and annual adjustments of two-thirds of the Consumer Price Index percentage change; however, the maximum annual adjustment increase for ad valorem taxes is five percent. Revenue limits may be exceeded only with voter approval, for specified purposes, amounts and periods. Enforcement is by setting aside excess revenue, reduction of rates and taxpayer suits. Includes related provisions.

Initiative Committee Before 1988
  Contact: , Chairperson

Signatures: **Verified Totals are UNOFFICIAL until the Initiative receives certification and a ballot number.
 Required for review by Attorney General: 29,873 
 Required to have initiative on the ballot: 298,743 
 ** Number currently valid:

Status: Closed
Approval Date: 11/04/1981 
Undue Burden:  
Made Review:  
Attorney General:  
Sent to Supreme Court:  
Supreme Court Ruling:  
SC Ruling Date:  
Made Ballot:  
Ballot Number: 0  
Election Year: 1982 

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