Improving Accountability and Public Review in Spending Taxpayers' Money and Maintaining a Balanced Budget

Creating Article III, Section 19; State Budgeting, Planning, And Appropriations Processes. Revising Article IV, Section 1; Governor Creating Article IV, Section 13; Revenue Shortfalls. Revising Article XII, Section 9; Bonds.

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A revision requiring: 72-hour public review for appropriation bills; a buget stabilization fund; performance measurment and productivity programs; a state planning document and department ad agency planning processes; appropriation bills format; appropriations review; annual state budgeting and planning processes; processes for creating and sunsetting trust funds; and a final budget report. Providing executive authority to maintain a balanced budget and to direct planning and budgeting. Expanding use of educational capital outlay funds.

Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission

Status: Passed
Made Ballot: 11/03/1992 
Ballot Number: 4  
Election Date: 11/03/1992 
 Votes For: 3,815,541   
 Votes Against: 796,462   

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