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Federal, State and County
Offices to be Filled by Election in 2008

Federal Offices

  • President and Vice President
  • Representative in Congress (all districts)

Multicounty and District Offices

  • State Attorney (Circuits 1-19)
  • Public Defender (Circuits 1-20)
  • State Senator (odd-numbered districts)
  • State Representative (all districts)

County Offices

These vary from county to county. Information for a particular county office can be obtained from the county Supervisor of Elections. However, most will elect:

  • Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • Sheriff
  • Property Appraiser
  • Tax Collector
  • Supervisor of Elections
  • Superintendent of Schools
  • Board of County Commissioners (3 members)
  • School Board (2 members, nonpartisan)

Judicial Retention (Nonpartisan)

  • Justice of the Supreme Court (whose terms expire 01/09)
  • Judge, District Court of Appeal (whose terms expire 01/09)

Circuit Judges (Nonpartisan)

  • Whose terms expire 01/09

County Court Judges (Nonpartisan)

  • Whose terms expire 01/09

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