Bureau of Voting Systems Certification

Who We Are

The Bureau of Voting Systems Certification consists of the Bureau Chief and a Sr. Management Analyst to manage and employ its two technical sections:

  • Functional Testing
  • Source Code Analysis

What We DoBack

In accordance with section 101.017, Florida Statutes, the bureau establishes and implements Florida’s voting system certification standards as well as provides technical assistance to the county Supervisors of Elections accordingly.

Quality PolicyBack

It is our goal to serve and enhance Florida’s communities by ensuring fair and accurate elections through the assessment of voting system technologies and compliance with Florida Statutes. The bureau’s objective is to create opportunities for eligible Florida residents to participate in elections. To achieve the objective, the bureau seeks to minimize latent issues with voting systems, promote new voting system technologies, and increase the accessibility of voting systems.

Duties, Programs and ActivitiesBack

  • Review Florida’s voting systems certification standards each odd-numbered year pursuant to section 101.015(2), Florida Statutes.
  • The bureau strives to keep Florida's voting system standards current with evolving voting technology and with the Election Assistance Commission's Voluntary Voting System Guidelines.

  • Continuously review voting systems certification standards as authorized by section 101.015(7), Florida Statutes, to ensure that new technologies are appropriately certified in a timely manner and are available for selection by Florida’s county commissioners.
  • The bureau encourages vendors of new voting system technology to obtain Florida certification and ensures that Florida's voting system standards can accommodate the new technology

  • Examine voting systems for compliance in accordance with section 101.5605(1), Florida Statutes and the Florida Voting System Standards, rule 1S-5.001, Florida Administrative Code.
  • The Bureaus provides Florida counties with a list of certified voting systems that meet requirements of the laws and rules. The Bureau maintains this list of certified voting systems on the Division of Elections' website.

  • Review and approve county voting systems acquisition filings in accordance with section 101.5607(1)(a) and (c), Florida Statutes.
  • The bureau maintains a database of each county's current voting system. The information on each county's system is contained on the Division of Elections' website.

  • Analyze voting problems reported by supervisors of elections after each general election and prepare a public report for the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives pursuant to section 101.595(2) and (3), Florida Statutes.
  • Following each general election, the bureau analyzes the overvotes and undervotes in the top statewide race on the ballot. This analysis helps the Division assess the effectiveness of the voting methods and voter education programs used in the state.

  • Compile, analyze, and recommend solutions to reported conduct of election problems and disseminate this information to supervisor of elections in accordance with section 102.141(9)(c), Florida Statutes.
  • Following each election, each county files a Conduct of Election Report with the bureau. The bureau then analyzes and categorizes the various problems that occurred during an election to determine the causes or offer potential solutions to all counties.

  • Review each county’s election security procedures pursuant to section 101.015(4)(b), Florida Statutes and 1S-2.015(4)(a), Florida Administrative Code.
  • Each county files their security procedures with the bureau, which has the responsibility to review the procedures during odd-numbered years, The security procedures ensure that the county has adequate safeguards in place for their ballots, voting system and facilities.

  • Observe Florida election and registration processes pursuant to section 101.58, Florida Statutes.
  • Candidates or voters may request an observer from the Department of State to observe an election. When requested, the members of the bureau perform this function. Following the observation, a report is filed on the observations and findings during the election.

  • Retain custody of each county’s logic and accuracy test materials in accordance with section 101.5607(2), Florida Statutes.
  • The primary objective is to preserve the election definition that represents the version that the county supervisor of elections publicly tested in accordance with section 101.5612, Florida Statutes.

  • Retain custody of county precinct-level results files in accordance with section 98.0981(2), Florida Statutes.
  • The primary objective is to collect and make publically available the precinct-level results export files that represent the certified official results of the election.

  • Retain and review each county’s post-election manual audit report in accordance with section 101.591(5), Florida Statutes.
  • The county canvassing board must provide a report detailing the results of the public manual audit of a randomly selected race in accordance with section 101.591(1), Florida Statutes.

  • Retain custody of each county’s official results in accordance with section 102.141(10), Florida Statutes.
  • The primary objective is to preserve the election definition that represents the version the county supervisor of elections certified in accordance with section 102.141(7)(c), Florida Statutes.