Bureau of Election Records

Who We Are

The Bureau of Election Records is divided into four sections and has a total of 16 full-time positions to manage and implement its business functions:

  • Office of the Bureau Chief;
  • Review Section;
  • Commissions Section; and
  • Public Information Section.

What We Do

Office of the Bureau ChiefBack

The Office of the Bureau Chief manages and coordinates all administrative, programmatic and operational activities of the Bureau of Election Records and performs the following functions:

  • Assists in preparation of various election publications and forms;
  • Prepares state canvass of election returns;
  • Conducts workshops and training sessions on campaign finance;
  • Maintains an ongoing indexing system of all county referendums and notices of precinct changes;
  • Publishes notices of election stating which offices are to be filled at the general election in the state and each county;
  • Handles miscellaneous filings that include testimonials, registered agents and telephone solicitation;

Review SectionBack

This section is charged with a wide variety of duties and performs the following activities:

  • Handles all required filings for candidates, political committees, committees of continuous existence, electioneering communication organizations and political parties;
  • Handles the candidate petition process;
  • Conducts candidate qualifying;
  • Sends failure to file and fine assessment letters for campaign treasurer reports;
  • Processes fine checks for late filings;
  • Reviews campaign treasurer reports for completeness and compliance and sends requests for missing or erroneous information; and
  • Handles telephone inquiries regarding campaign finance issues.

Commissions SectionBack

This section acts as liaison with the Office of the Governor and the Florida Senate on elected and appointed offices. In addition, this section performs the following activities:

  • Issues certificates of election, incumbency and commissions of office for elected and appointed officials on the federal, state and local levels;
  • Process suspensions, removals and reinstatements of public officials;
  • Maintains official listing of state and county officials; and
  • Maintains minority report records.

Public Information SectionBack

This section answers telephone inquiries and provides copies of documents filed with the division upon request.