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Division of Elections

About Campaign Finance Report Items

Report Year and Report Type

These fields indicate on which treasurer's report this contribution or expenditure was reported. Report Year corresponds to the calendar year of the report period covered. Report Type indicates what period of time during that year the report covered. The quarterly reports Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 correspond to calendar quarters. The F1, F2 and F3 reports are submitted before the first primary and the G1, G2, G3 and G4 reports before the general election. TR indicates a termination report, which must be filed at the end of a campaign. PLEASE NOTE: Special election reports should be indicated with the same codes as above, except an "S" should be added in front of the code (example: SG3).

Date and Amount Back

Date is the date the contribution was received or the expenditure made, and Amount is the amount oof the contribution or expenditure.

Contributor Name and OccupationBack

These fields indicate from whom the contribution was received and, for all contributions over $100, the occupation or nature of business of the contributor.

Payee Name and Purpose Back

These fields indicate to whom this expenditure was made and the purpose of the expenditure.


Contribution Types are cash (CAS), check (CHE), in-kind (INK), loan (LOA), refund (REF), interest (INT) or membership dues (CCEs only) (DUE). Expenditure Types are monetary (MON), petty cash withdrawn (PCW), petty cash spent (PCS), transfer to office account (TOA) or refund (REF).

In-Kind DescriptionBack

Applicable only to in-kind contributions, InKind Desc describes the in-kind contribution.

Address and City State ZipBack

These fields are the address of the contributor or payee as reported on the campaign finance report.

Note - Sometimes items which are not consistent with filing requirements, such as incorrect codes or incorrectly formatted or blank items, are present in the results of a query. They are incorrect in the database because they were incorrect on reports submitted to the division.